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Android's Success: By The Numbers

Google's Android boss bragged about the platform's incredible success: Think 300 million devices, with 850,000 new devices activated daily.

Google is proud of its mobile platform. Andy Rubin, SVP of mobile and digital content for Google, took to the Web Monday to talk up the latest batch of statistics with respect to Android's meteoric trajectory. In short, the numbers are overwhelming.

Rubin said that 850,000 Android devices are being activated each day. That's up significantly from just a few weeks ago when the company said it was activating about 750,000 devices per day. Android's year-over-year growth rate broached 250%, according to Rubin.

Worldwide, there are now more than 300 million Android devices out there. The last time Apple shared any stats about its iOS platform, the total number was at 250 million. These figures include smartphones, tablets, and media players.

In terms of Android applications, the growth has been incredible there, too. One year ago, the Android Market had 150,000 applications available. Today, Rubin said that the Android Market is home to 450,000 applications. Those 300 million Android device owners are downloading applications at a rate of more than one billion per month.

Google's booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is a testament to both its hardware partners and software developers. Google has a conveyor belt with more than 100 unique Android devices circulating around the booth. Rubin says that more than 800 unique Android products have shipped to date.

The booth is also full of developers demonstrating their applications. "We've built special 'app pods' into our Android stand at MWC," said Rubin in a blog post. "Many of these featured apps demonstrate the latest Android innovations, such as Android Beam, which lets you share content like Web pages, videos, directions, and apps--just by touching two Android phones back to back."

There's no question that the Android booth is the most entertaining, engaging, and packed booth on the show floor. With a smoothie stand, a giant slide, Android games, and plenty of bling, Google is using Mobile World Congress as a victory lap of sorts.

It is one that is well deserved. Android is a worldwide phenomenon like no other.

Source: Google Mobile Blog ; Tech Watch