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mattlgroff 16 Feb 2012

Back with another utility... this time pre-release Droid 4! I haven't seen a Droid 4 board yet so I guess I have to put this under General.

There are no fastboot files as of writing this (2/11/2012) but once they come out I will be making a full version that includes fastboot restore. For now, only a few MB compared to GB full.

Includes Root function thanks to Dan Rosenberg's motofail exploit.
It is the only reason we can have a working utility root!

Donate to his fund for the Red Cross here

Don't use Safestrap yet!
Hashcode is making a D4 version very soon!

Motorola Drivers (If its not working install this.)
32 Bit Link: http://www.motorola....river_5.4.0.exe
64 Bit Link: http://goo-inside.me...5.4.0_64bit.msi

Size: 2.09 MB
MD5: 8b44666a5d97137292ec03e74f8b75d7
Link: http://goo-inside.me...4Utility0.3.zip

Changes in 0.3----


If you feel like contributing to my Razr Dev fund you may do so here. ;)

Screenshot of what the folder should look like in order for it to run:

mattlgroff 18 Feb 2012

Can't edit my own posts lol.
This will be updated at XDA and DroidForums.

Note to all: I am giving control of the Droid 4 Utility to skylarmb (Although I will still be very involved )

Briteyez83 18 Feb 2012

Is there recovery apk for the droid 4 yet? I just bought mine today and spent a pretty dime so im apprehensive to root it without being able to make a nandroid or having some sort of recovery. I sent my X into a bootloop trying to root it the first time and ended up having to sbf back froyo.