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[ROM][2.24.12][sense 2.1/3.0] Stock OTA Rom v4.5 / SenseM 5.0 {tweaks} (themes)

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 08:36 AM

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***we are not responsible for anything that happens to your phone or if your dog runs away from home...you can blame us however if soviet troops parachute into the parking lot of a colorado high school, and you are forced into the woods where you start a small guerilla unit to avenge your family***

Gingerbangsense is a series of roms that should appeal to folks who prefer stock-based (read not ports) roms. There are several options: The goal of the "S" based roms are to provide experiences almost identical to the ota..but with root, small tweaks here and there...and certain options I feel are important to the root experience (power menu). The goal of the "M" based rom, is to provide enhancements to the latest current ota for the verizon droid incredible 2. The base rom will always based on whatever version of sense that the ota is (currently 2.1) but due to how awesome sense 3.0 is, we have included patches for it. Is this going to be the greatest rom ever? No, certainly not...but many people out there prefer a stock-like experience and that's what gingerbangsense is....with several mods that I personally think are useful/neat. :)

"S" Features:
GingerBangSense "S" Version (S=stock[ish])
-fully bloated (nothing removed)
-removed gps reticle from status bar
-not themed in anyway (no visual changes)
-rooted with superuser
-insecure boot
-moved "bloat" to /data/app for easy non-root removal
-updated all bloat that had newer market versions
-7 - 1 power menu
-4 -1 reboot options
-overscroll glow
-titanium backup
-unlocked extra quick settings
-latest superuser and binary
-busybox 1.19 (adrynalyne)
-removed cd-rom iso
-native screenshot function added (power + home)

"M" Features:
GingerBangSense "M" Version (M=Modded[ish])
*good old sense 2.1
*gps reticle removed from status bar
*rooted w/ latest superuser
*7 in 1 power options
*4 in 1 reboot
*swipe to remove/dismiss notifications (5.0)
*unlimited browser tabs/pages (if you restore bookmarks with tibu, it will revert to 4 tab limit however)
*browser bookmarks removed
*native screenshot (power + home)
*crt on/off (still breaks autobrightness, i havent looked into much yet)
*vzw operator tab removed from rosie
*different default wallpaper
*removed vzw boot ani
*tsm wallpaper app
*busybox 1.19 (adrynalyne)
*down animation support (boot and down are now in /data/local) (4.6)
*wifi scan set to 120 seconds from 15 (4.6)
*overscroll glow
*extra quick settings (ihtfp's source ones)(7-1 sound, flashlight, reboot)
*latest google apps
*removed cd-rom iso
*rosie personalize key remapped to lauchkey...access from tweaks or app drawer (4.6)
*unhid clock from app drawer (4.6)
*fastboot disabled by default (4.6)
*install non-market apps enabled by default (4.6)
*add iso 1250 option to camera settings (4.6)
*talk2 w/ video chat (4.6)
*hold volume keys up/down w/ screen off to skip music tracks (4.6)
*dolby mobile option enabled in htc music (4.6)
*htc sense.com sync available (no hub) (4.6)
*longpress on camera screen to take photo (4.6)
*clear button resized and down in pulldown (4.6)
*nexus s lwp instead of old froyo (4.6)
*tweaks! (if something is greyed out it means its not functional on this rom)
-3 lockscreens (sense 2.1, stock android, honeycomb)
-hide/center/regular clock
-hide alarm icon
-enable/disable wake on volume keys
-hide/show battery icon
-miui battery bar
-cm style batt%
-dbm percentage in stat bar (hide signal doesnt work though)
-enable/disable recent app bar
-enable/disable crt
-enable/disable paginated drawer (pages) *new in 4.6

times_infinity for rom help and building the kernels
jcase for everything he does
rmk for working kernel source/git for 2.3.3 and his base debloat, which allowed me to start working on stuff before i even had s-off :o
JsChiSurf as several of the mods in the rom are ported from his froyo/evo work
team bamf (adrynalyne, thatdudebutch, erishasnobattery, ihtfp69) for recent apps, clear button resize/change, extra quick settings
extra thanks to adrynalyne for all the help hes given me in general and
ihtfp69 for crt screen/off on ani which he is allowing us to use, older edits for native screenshot function, source of his extra quick settings, his help, and sense wizardry in general
romanbb for original tweaks app and his help along the way
Seo for all of his sense 3 goodness that makes up the majority of my sense 3 patch
team douche (cm) for general awesomeness and dsp manager/miui batt bar
hansip87 for porting swipe to remove notifications to the xperia and posting his how to which got me 90% of the way there
sbrissen for general awesomeness and all his help
omj for launcher2 and general awesomeness
chopperthedog for the above and maintaining/building our website
drellisdee for his kernel source
manup for his original revolution theme
andybones because i lost my original dump of the 5.10.x ota and used his bonestock rom to get apks/libs

SteelH for his htc camera mods for the evo3d
the rest of tsm

Downloads in 2nd post

Kernel Source:



2.24.12: added better slate, revolution, and restore stock themes

2.24.12: version 5.0 "M"
*unhide dock shortcut from app drawer
*hide launchkey from app drawer (access through tweaks only)
*swipe to remove/dismiss notifications
*clear button moved back to standard location, and still works for those that dont like to manually dismiss notifications
*fix reboot toggle in pulldown (previously only hot reboot worked)
*updated titanium backup, google books, google search
*fixed vvm for those that use it
*clean up tweaks to remove signal stuff that wasnt working properly anyway

2.21.12: patches for wake on volume keys and hide recent apps and revert for both are in download section for 4.5 "S" version of rom
*also free scroll app drawer

2.19.12: version 5.0 of sense 3 patch...rezipaligned and added sense 3 in call patch

2.15.12: patches for aosp and miui music, and dsp manager

2.14.12: patches for restore regular kb and remove usb icon from 4.6

2.14.12: version 4.6 of "m" out
-remove some left over libs/jars from removed bloat
-add in downanimation (and move boot/down to data/local)
-enable/disable free scroll app drawer in rosie
-enable dolby mobile option in sound enhancements in htc music
-long hold volume up/down keys to skip tracks with screen off (would recommend turning off wake on volume keys in tweaks if your gonna use it properly)
-fixed settings - about phone force close
-talk2 (with video) replacing regular gtalk (sorry for leaving it out of 4.5)
-revert to old google search for now until i can edit the rom to recognize new google search with search key
-htcsense.com sync in settings- account & sync (no htc hub, but you can lock/unlock phone remotely i suppose)
-clean up tweaks interface a bit
-unhide clock from app drawer (hopefully it sticks)
-hopefully disabled any ota updates triggers (just for the future)
-add back in google geniewidget (news/weather) by request
-swap out froyo nexus lwp for aosp gb one
-wifi scan interval bumped up to 120 seconds from 15 (forgot to do it in 4.5)
-turned off fastboot by default and enabled non market app install by default (wifi being on by default continues to elude me  )
-add iso 1250 as an optional setting
-long press on screen to take photo (will focus then take shot)
-remap personalize to launchkey
-move down and resize clear button in pulldown
-shortcut to rosie remap

2.12.12: version 4.5 of sense 3 patch
*removed incoming call sense 3 temporarily

2.10.12: version 4.5 of "M" (modded rom)
*good old sense 2.1
*crt on/off (still breaks autobrightness, i havent looked into much yet)
*vzw operator tab removed from rosie
*different default wallpaper
*unlimited browser tabs/pages
*removed vzw boot ani
*tsm wallpaper app
*browser bookmarks removed
*native screenshot (power + home)
*extra quick settings (ihtfp's source ones)
*latest google apps
*tweaks! (if something is greyed out it means its not functional on this rom)
-3 lockscreens (sense 2.1, stock android, honeycomb)
-hide/center/regular clock
-hide alarm icon
-enable/disable wake on volume keys
-hide/show battery icon
-miui battery bar
-cm style batt% 
-dbm percentage in stat bar (hide signal doesnt work though)
-enable/disable recent app bar
-enable/disable crt

2.7.12: version 4.5 of s rom
-only bloated version going forward (debloat yourself)
-fixed music force close
-should have fixed weird strings on pin lock screen
-updated apps to latest version
-must wipe data

[B][U]And for nostalgia [/U][/B]
[B][U][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Legcay Features:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B]
[QUOTE]GingerBangSense "M" Legacy Versions (previously not known as M...M=modded)
latest version 3.6
Based off 5.10.605.9 (sense 2.1)
4 in 1 reboot
5 column and transparent rosie
clear button remapped and resized in status bar pulldown (3.6)
tsm wallpaper app based off of cm one (3.6)
google car home instead of htc car panel (3.6)
rosie personalize button remappable (using launchkey app)
app drawer depaginated
location icon removed (not gps)
recent apps removed from status bar
extra quick settings
extra power button quick settings (vibrate/mobile network/airplane mode)
vm heap set to 48 (stock is 32)
wifi scan interval set to 120
lockscreen and in call slider themed/changed
browser edited for 16 tab limit (up from 4)
newest market 
verizon boot ani removed
dsp manager (cm)
overscroll glow
down animation support and custom down animation
bookmarks removed from browser
latest superuser and binary
crt screen on/off animations
verizon app drawer operator tab removed
performance build prop tweaks

stock kernel/boot image for now <img src='http://www.mydroidworld.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />[/QUOTE]

1.31.12: version 4.1 of s roms
-fixed music fc in debloat and bloated version
-latest superuser and binary 
-updated adobe reader, my verizon, vcast music, google books, google search, google voice search, skype, market, gmail, maps (bloated version only)
-removed google carhome from debloat as i had a few pm's requesting the htc carpanel instead 

1.28.12: version 4.0 (first release) of GingerBangSense "S" Rom
*2 versions: Bloated and DeBloated

-removed gps reticle from status bar
-rooted with superuser
-insecure boot
-moved "bloat" to /data/app for easy non-root removal
-7 - 1 power menu
-4 -1 reboot options
-titanium backup

-removed bloat (that is in data/app in bloated)
-remove verizon operator tab from rosie
-removed vzw bootani 
-added down animation support (both in /data/local
-removed unneeded libs/files
-removed bookmarks from browser

1.12.12: version 3.6 up
removed voice search, adobe reader, maps to keep rom current as possible (download from market)
wifi scan bumped to 120 from 90
updated tibu
replaced htc car panel with google car home
add taskmanager in to resolve force closes when selecting it in quick settings
added tsm wallpaper app (cm-based)
clear button moved down and resized (like in version 3.0 and below)
removed location settings from setup

1.11.12: added 4 column rosie patch (4x4 app drawer)

12.20 u2: added wake on volume key patch as well as patch for removal

12.20.11: added a revert patch for the arrow kb and fix for build.prop

12.19.11: added a patch for htc kb w/ no arrows from sense 3..so it has trace kb as well

12.16.11: version 3.5
*based off latest vzw ota 5.10.605.9
*removed some of the less popular mods
*verizon operator tab removed from rosie

11.29.11 version 3.0 gingerbangsense
*remove transparency from pulldown background (most prefer it stock)
*remove black pop up theming, for better compatibility with sense skins
*updated market apps
*added ics market kb (my personal preference)
*superuser 3.0.7 and latest 3.0.3 binary
*removed verizon tab from app drawer (requires data wipe)
*moar build prop tweaks (yeah meh)
*mms hopefully fixed
*remove awful default verizon red wallpaper
*updated path for bootanimation and downanimation to data/local (easily replaceable with your own)

11.19.11: deprecated gingerbang evolved..will no longer be developed....and working on fixing gbsense for mms

11.1.11: added sense 2.1 mms patch for those with mms issues on evolved

10.31.11: added wake on volume keys patch...works for either rom

10.28.11: added mms patch fix (hopefully works)...must wipe mms.apk data with titanium backup or in manage applications...may have to go into mms settings and try different default sizes (all work for me, but i never had an issue previously either)

10.26.11: remove clock from status bar and acc battery flashes (can be flashed together) for both roms added to downloads

10.25.11: added patch to fix mail force close (flash after rom flash)

10.24.11: version 2.5 
*remove transparency from pulldown background (most prefer it stock)
*remove black pop up theming, for better compatibility with sense skins
*updated titanium backup and rom manager
*superuser updated and force closes issues from updated corrected (binary)
*removed verizon tab from app drawer (requires data wipe)
*moar build prop tweaks (yeah meh)
*some jar/framework cleanup

9.27 u2: 2.0.1 (2.0 was missing market) also just market patch for those already on 2.0 <img src='http://www.mydroidworld.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' />

9.27: updated to latest 2.3.4 ota, name change to gingerbangsense (to avoid confusion with vanilla rom) added update sense 3 patch compatible with new release..
extra mods are installed to sdcard/gingerbangsense2.0 folder: (flash in recovery)
*remove/restore clock to status bar 
*add/remove 1% acc battery option
resized htc vigor wallpapers install to sdcard/vigor wallpapers folder
google talk with video chat
superuser 3.0 (official)

9.15: added sense 3 patch (70mb) see post #2 for features and post #3 for downloads

9.13: added accurate battery mod patch for v1.7 (wont break anything)

9.10: added optional patch to remove wake on volume keys

9.9: v1.7 patch 
*crt on/off ani (ihtfp69)
*kernel changes:
--Patched to
--Added Smartass, MinMax, Conservative, and Interactive Governors
--Added Simple I/O and V(R) Schedulers.
--Enabled TinyRCU
--Added voltage tweaking via sysfs. 
Thanks to drellisdee for posting his source on github
so i (times_infinity) can see how voltage tweaking via sysfs is actually done.
-compiler flags and optimizations

9.6: added remove clock patch to downloads

9.5: added accurate battery patch to downloads

9.4: Version 1.6 of Sense (vanilla not updated, but sense mods will be up tuesday, IE remove clock etc)
*changed carrier text (replacing verizon wireless in pulldown) 
*latest market apps (rom manager, google voice, maps, tibu)
*fixed recent apps from home button icon issue (modded android.policy.jar)
*down animation support and new downanimation included
*misc prop edits (change max window events, may/may not actually be noticable difference)
*bookmarks removed from browser
*mms limits raised (from 200k, 500k, 1.2mb to 1mb, 2mb, 5mb)
*battery stats and fix permission scripts added

[8.25: Version 1.5 Of Sense and V1.0 of Vanilla patch added.
[COLOR="blue"][B][U]Sense CL[/U][/B][/COLOR]
*new boot ani (thanks jaekar99!)
*changed 3g icons to old sense
*changed right rosie icon from personalize icon to more appropriate one (credit skyraider)
*updated to latest google maps
*cleaned up android policy (fixes some strings for aosp lockscreen)
*added my better slate skin
*sdcard speed tweak (2048 up from 128)
*kernel voltages dialed down a bit on top steps (might help with freezing issues
*kernel now boots at stock speed by script (998mhz) use setcpu or no thrills to overclock
[B][U][COLOR="Blue"]Vanilla CL[/COLOR][/U][/B]
*patch to be flashed on top of 1.5!
*custom source built launcher2 with home screen looping and scrollable widgets as well as fling and redraw speed ups
*semi-themed (black cm6 status bar and icons, froyo theme for l2)
*news weather widget
*aosp desckclock
*aosp lockscreen
*microbes lwp
*aosp mms
*delete a ton of sense widgets and apks including rosie and htc lockscreen
*aosp filemanger
*app widgetpicker[/QUOTE]

8.16: added patches for cleaned up rosie with no lines by request and remove clock from status bar (flash in recovery)...see pics under downloads

8.15: initial release
Based off 3.02.605.1 (sense 2.1)
custom kernel* (see write up below)
4 in 1 reboot
5 column and transparent rosie
rosie personalize button remappable (using launchkey app)
app drawer depaginated
location icon removed (not gps)
ads blocked by host file
recent apps removed from status bar
extra quick settings
vm heap set to 64
wifi scan interval set to 90
lockscreen and in call slider themed/changed
mild theming (popups)
browser edited for 16 tab limit (up from 4)
clear button moved and resized in pulldown
newest market and google apps
many market apks installed to /data/app for easy upgrading
verizon boot ani removed
wake on volume keys
dsp manager (cm)
google docs instead of quickoffice
google car home (kept htc carpanel for those who prefer it too)
google +
tibu and rom manager (free) packaged in
transparent pulldown 
overscroll glow


Q: What is the difference between M and S versions?
A: S= Stock(ish) rom, without any changes that people may or may not like (crt, modded rosie). M includes the features I personally like (crt, transparent rosie, launchkey remap of personalize button).

Q: Why a sense 2.1 rom instead of sense 3.0/3.5
A: Originally the purpose of this rom was to provide a stock + + rom (if you consider rmk's gingersense to be stock +) features customizations and mods that I felt many would want/prefer. Since sense 2.1 is what we have officially, thats what the rom is based off of. However flashing the sense 3.0 patch over gingerbangsense will give you many of the nicer sense 3 features. I have a sense 3.0 and a sense 3.5 rom out (trinity and gingerbliss) here on xda if that interests you.

Q: Do I need to wipe data/cache/etc when flashing?
A: As a best practice, regardless of previous setup, I would say yes. It helps narrow down issues/force closes/errors with the rom, otherwise whatever input we get isn't reliable. That being said, if you are running another fairly stock sense 2.1 rom, you could probably get away without wiping data. Worst case, make a nandroid, flash the rom and see what happens.
edit: as of the latest ota, you must wipe data or you will have serious issues.

Q: How do I assign an app to the personalize key in rosie?[(pre 4.0 m versions only)/B]
A: Open the included launch key app in your app drawer, and choose and app or action. Once you have assigned something, it will work.

Q: I wiped data and still having issues with the rom or its not booting into the os...what should I do?
A: Logcatting the issue is the best way for us to figure out whats going on. In a terminal

adb logcat > logcat.txt
hit ctrl + c when finished and a logcat.txt file will be in your tools or platform-tools folder (whatever u cd to). Post this with dropbox or pastebin for us to look at.

Q: Are there any themes for this rom?
A: Yes Better Slate has been updated (and gingerbread will work, with a quirk or two)
EDIT: these are currently not compatible with v3.5+ and will no longer be developed (i dont really theme anymore...its too time consuming)

Q: What clock speed does the kernel boot with?
A: As of version 1.5 (vanilla patches dont contain kernels) the phone will boot at stock speed and you must use an app like setcpu to overclock up to 1305 mhz
A: as of 2.0 there is currently no custom kernel

Q: Besides full themes, are there any good standalone sense 2.1 skins that will work with this rom?
A: Here are some I personally like: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1091564

[B]Sharing Policy:

Pretty much every mod in this rom was originally created by someone else for another HTC phone...that being said, none of it was available for the stock VZW rom and took a lot of work to get functional. If you want to incorporate any jars, apks, or mods from this rom into your rom/theme/mod, feel free to do so...however I would appreciate if you would give me a heads up first and then wait for a week after I update the rom to update yours, credit in your op and a link back to this rom, thanks! (I do not however mean that its acceptable to take the entire rom, make 1 mod or change the theme and then release it as your own work...that is entirely different and not cool imo)
-Sharing is Caring-

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#2 nitsuj17



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Posted 27 February 2012 - 08:36 AM

*Donations accepted, but NEVER expected. I like what I do, and just hitting the thanks button makes me happy :)




Stock-ish "S" Versions

GingerBangSense S 4.5 : http://dev-host.org/1rf *2.7.12
md5: b018f5347c0816c054d030abeb649616
size: 270.71 MB

Modded "M" Versions:

GingerBangSense 5.0 "M": http://dev-host.org/Po0 *2.24.12
mirror: http://hotfile.com/d..._m_5.0.zip.html
md5: 83c4d9e00aa32edda29041f056cef1a1
size: 232.08 MB
(based off of 5.10.605.9, must wipe data even coming from 4.5/4.6 M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sense 3 Patch v5.0: http://dev-host.org/HQN *2.19.12
md5: 4af1f74b94196af755f3ebd5604dc564
size: 62.06 MB
(only difference from 4.5 should be sense 3.0 call answer screen and apps rezipaligned)

Sense 3 Patch v4.5: http://dev-host.org/ZBC *2.12.12
md5: 6b3ceae97e37b7e0779348d3ed365333
size: 69.52 MB
(use this if you want sense 2.1 call answer screen)

Themes For 5.0 "M":

Revolution V1: http://hotfile.com/d...ion_v1.zip.html *2.24.12
md5: 445879e3ea21b7a69894d0a42ccea254
size: 32.3 mb
(framework-res.apk, com.htc.resources.apk, systemui.apk, rosie.apk, fonts)

Better Slate V3: http://hotfile.com/d...ate_v3.zip.html *2.24.12
md5: 5e6ad5247106fc3741f8b4e5e204fc95
size: 34.4 mb
(framework-res.apk, com.htc.resources.apk, systemui.apk, settings.apk, htcdialer.apk, phone.apk, signedtsm_betterslate_3.apk)
***after flashing theme, please apply better slate skin from personalize to complete***

Revert to Stock Theme: http://hotfile.com/d..._theme.zip.html *2.24.12
md5: 2c7c4137c773c36151ee597d4a3dd77b
size: 38.1 mb
(contains stock files that both themes change as well as stock fonts...so you don't have to reflash the full rom)

Patches/Mods for V4.5-V5.0:
(please note if patch is intended for M or S versions [or compatible with both])

free scroll app drawer: http://dev-host.org/VFp *2.21.12
md5: 09c7f6aed17abf106e4db39581f0d6de
size: 2.04 MB
(4.5 S only!)

wake on volume keys: http://dev-host.org/1jW *2.21.12
md5: 99a34efd8c7c68c7725671f9deb29c02
size: 283.31 KB
(4.5 S only!)

remove wake on volume keys: http://dev-host.org/JjZ *2.21.12
md5: 7aa04dc1add6cf4674836cbc213cc4c1
size: 283.29 KB
(4.5 S only!)

hide recent apps from pulldown: http://dev-host.org/oK7 *2.21.12
md5: 99a6bb235f001aaa7915f3b0ac1d1d5c
size: 762.13 KB
(4.5 S only!)

restore recent apps in pulldown: http://dev-host.org/bYz *2.21.12
md5: c4087a18f60ef99b4deb4da678e41e62
size: 761.85 KB
(4.5 S only!)

aosp music: http://dev-host.org/OqS *2.15.12
md5: 390038fe737db504bc419eedd51b4eb8
size: 548.4 KB

miui music: http://dev-host.org/GyX *2.15.12
md5: f59f1bf43b05de0b31498eea77c3f769
size: 1.02 MB

dsp manager: http://dev-host.org/YDJ *2.15.12
md5: 7356a9230eeee873404e084bb557f6a2
size: 189.5 KB

keyboard with bigger keys and no arrows: http://hotfile.com/d...ws_4.5.zip.html *2.10.12
md5: 72082813DAAEF10D5BE08E884D004FDB
size: 10.07 Mb
(works with either m or s and is also "trace" keyboard...enable trace function in settings)

restore default rom kb w/ arrows and no trace: http://dev-host.org/IKt *2.14.12
md5: dfbee03fbb1284ad10ec0bc5bf61de57
size: 8.73 MB

remove usb debugging icon from status bar for 4.6 M: http://dev-host.org/wg1 *2.14.12
md5: 8720eb675e19e4624ea72a15d89d3d12
(m version only, dont use with 4.5)

remove usb debugging icon from status bar for 4.5 M: http://hotfile.com/d..._M_4.5.zip.html *2.10.12
md5: A3C9C0B3B5875837904F6068D729F012
(m version only, dont use with 4.6)

remove usb debugging icon from status bar for 4.5 S: http://hotfile.com/d..._S_4.5.zip.html *2.10.12
md5: 7E52623E983581B2F69231CAFC26B4C8
(s version only)

[B][U][I][COLOR="Red"](dont flash, info only)[/COLOR][/I][/U][/B]

[B]GingerBangSense 4.6:[/B] [URL=http://hotfile.com/dl/146498406/04676ec/tsm_sense_m_4.6.zip.html]http://hotfile.com/dl/146498406/04676ec/tsm_sense_m_4.6.zip.html[/URL] *2.14.12
[B]md5: [/B] a837fe2e86466f2b28def22080701c3f
[B]size: [/B] 231.86 Mb
(based off of 5.10.605.9, must wipe data even coming from 4.5 M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

[B]GingerBangSense 3.6 (legacy, pre-tweaks):[/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/ALW3ZYSTEJ[/url]  *1.12.12
[B]mirror:[/B] [url]http://dev-host.org/ZlF[/url] *2.10.12
[B]md5: [/B] 55ff71e9d1b0eeaf36a8122aa2fd930b
(based off of 5.10.605.9)

[B][U][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Blue"]Patches/Mods for V3.5/3.6:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B]

[B]paginated app drawer: [/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/5P7KGGN6WO[/url]
[B]md5: [/B] 25068bade2df766674bd077ae780b726
(includes 5 column rosie with line dividers in it)

[B]4 column rosie app drawer: [/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/KGCNAR0XZZ[/url] *1.11.12
[B]md5: [/B] f7dbaf8094ae4d1e5e70ff1624ad1951
(still is transparent and still uses launchkey to change personalize button)

[B]accurate battery mod: [/B][url]http://www.multiupload.com/NDEN1VXP3G[/url] *12.16.11
[B]md5: [/B]29eee96cdd9f57b6e0c345f5b8cc4846

[B]htc kb w/ no arrows:[/B]  [url]http://www.multiupload.com/8UBQR8KG1K[/url]  *12.19.11
[B]md5: [/B]  982D433205F73978572587FDA098DB9E
(no arrows, bigger keys, has trace kb as well)

[B]restore stock arrow kb:[/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/K7BJLOBZNS[/url]  *12.20.11
[B]md5: [/B]  71FB124B37987F7A813EC843046AE03B

[B]wake on volume keys:[/B]  [url]http://www.multiupload.com/FPETKCWT8B[/url] *12.20.11
[B]md5: [/B] 6F490302896ED566B9CFA6BFA7C52BAD

[B]remove wake on volume keys:[/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/NA2VGEQ7WA[/url] *12.20.11
[B]md5: [/B] 81BB888E7FFC1BD1082DD88240258C6

[B]GingerBangSense 4.5:[/B] [URL="http://dev-host.org/V3D"]http://dev-host.org/V3D[/URL] *2.10.12
[B]md5: [/B] d775ccce5e1bf67c374dca89d599e632 
[B]size: [/B] 234.28 MB
(based off of 5.10.605.9, must wipe data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

[B]Sense 3 Patch v3.5.1:[/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/64T7V81U5U[/url]  *12.16.11
[B]md5:[/B] 02aa31e4a410596ae675bb7ecb90fd0a

[B]GingerBangSense S  4.1 Bloated :[/B] [URL="http://dev-host.org/gw5eomzarat8/tsm_sense_v4.1_s_bloated.zip"]http://dev-host.org/gw5eomzarat8/tsm_sense_v4.1_s_bloated.zip[/URL] *1.31.12
[B]md5: [/B] 4afb58ae28383fed10c80ca22887befa 
[B]size:[/B] 281.7

[B]GingerBangSense S 4.1 de Bloated:[/B] [URL="http://dev-host.org/b8y31mjasd5w/tsm_sense_v4.1_s_debloated.zip"]http://dev-host.org/b8y31mjasd5w/tsm_sense_v4.1_s_debloated.zip[/URL] *1.31.12
[B]md5:[/B] ea5212b87ace1f7eb9fc7cad546e0fe2 
[B]size:[/B] 218.3 MB
(debloated version, see changelog for full differences between bloated and debloated)

[B]GingerBangSense S  4.0 Bloated :[/B] [URL="http://dev-host.org/kurw2jssfg9x/tsm_sense_v4.0s_bloated.zip"]http://dev-host.org/kurw2jssfg9x/tsm_sense_v4.0s_bloated.zip[/URL] *1.28.12
[B]md5: [/B] 82e87f538bf15ad3b5fa73b7b7555dba
[B]size:[/B] 256.2 MB

[B]GingerBangSense S 4.0:[/B] [URL="http://dev-host.org/4ygavu18ywex/tsm_sense_v4.0s.zip"]http://dev-host.org/4ygavu18ywex/tsm_sense_v4.0s.zip[/URL] *1.28.12
[B]md5:[/B] 34c16755e5d7610473defb5f7d581d75 
[B]size:[/B] 211.6 MB
(debloated version, see changelog for full differences between bloated and debloated)

[B]build.prop fix for 3.5:[/B]  [url]http://www.multiupload.com/O8VN3DEOSK[/url] *12.20.11
[B]md5: [/B] F60CF001BA8FF4D5F49D2ECA30C91E5B

[B]remove clock from status bar: [/B]  [url]http://www.multiupload.com/1FTWEQQ41L[/url] *12.16.11
[B]md5: [/B] 76a818eb23302bb6db3d261b3d3b298f

[B]GingerBangSense 3.5:[/B] [url]http://www.multiupload.com/GMCA7C53A0[/url] *12.16.11
[B]md5: [/B] 07548bf68b2402217b582875b4ef5f14
(based off of 5.10.605.9)

[B]GingerBangSense 3.0: [/B][URL="http://www.multiupload.com/XDNKGR5OYT"]http://www.multiupload.com/XDNKGR5OYT[/URL] *11.29.11
[B]md5:[/B] e5d83ccce2963429c94cae8b94208001 

[B][URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1177/tsm_gingerbangsense_2.5.zip"]GingerBangSense 2.5[/URL][/B] *10.24.11 (sense 2.1) (2.0.1 sense 3 patch *can* be flashed over successfully)
[B]md5:[/B] 27dfa2251ed89c038957557b2850101b 

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1178/tsm_gingerbangevolved_1.0.zip"]GingerBangEvolved 1.0[/URL] *10.24.11 (sense 2.1/3.0 hybrid)
md5: 2ab44dae118e21eb79259564e4594b4a

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/974/tsm_gingerbangsense_2.0.1.zip"][B]TSM_GingerBangSense_2.0.1[/B][/URL] 9.27.11
Mirror: [url]http://www.multiupload.com/JF6D6OD0U9[/url]
[B]md5:[/B] 0c0f10f8ee97d49e14d13b0c24ef9890

[B][URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1088/tsm_gbvivow_sense3_patch_2.1.zip"]Sense 3 Patch Version 2.1[/URL][/B] (10.12.11)
md5: 1220fd12a42c866e893ffd261198bc07

[URL="http://www.multiupload.com/TY413T12S9"]sense 2.1 mms (for those having issues with 3.0 mms on evolved)[/URL] *11.1.11

[URL="http://www.multiupload.com/YATZAUP5U3"]wake on volume keys[/URL] (both roms) *10.31.11

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1222/tsm_mail_mms_patch.zip"]MMS and mail patch[/URL] *10.28.11 (includes mail patch below...please wipe mms.apk data after flashing patch) 

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1184/tsm_mail_patch.zip"]Mail Patch for those having FC issues on 2.5/1.0 [/URL]*10.25.11

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1199/remove_clock.zip"]Remove Clock for GingerBangSense 2.5/Evolved 1.0 [/URL]*10.26.11

[URL="http://developer.clockworkmod.com/downloads/747/1198/acc_battery_mod.zip"]Accurate Battery Mod for GingerBangSense 2.5/Evolved 1.0[/URL]  *10.26.11

Remove Transparency from status bar pulldown: [url]http://www.multiupload.com/C6XX36DBE3[/url] *9.30.11

[URL="http://romshare.deployfu.com/downloads/747/1019/market.zip"]Market Patch for those who flashed 2.0.0 [/URL](was missing market): 

[B][U][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="6"]Deprecated Themes:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B]

[B]Better Slate:[/B] [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1251787[/url] *10.7.11

[B]Gingerbread:[/B] [url]http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1292827[/url] *10.7.11

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