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[Deodexer] Droid Razr 6.14.75 ICS leak

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22 April 2012 - 04:37 PM

Here we go! lol.. This is about a 99% Deodex for the Droid Razr ICS Leak. It is an early attempt!!! With that said I'm not personally seeing any issues. I will make mention that flashing this you will loose the stock weather widget but I have replaced it with the AOSP GenieWidget.apk(weather).

- Disclaimer

MyDroidWorld.com, myself, or any other party CANNOT be held responsible for what you decide to do. Modifying system files can lead to a damaged or comletely bricked device!!! Your phone! Your choice! Your responsibility!!!!

- Installation

Note: This is a Deodexer Droid Razr on the 6.14.75 ICS leak! You must be on the leak to use this MOD!!!!

Download file and place on SDCard. If you do not have a backup, now is the time! Install from SD like normal. Allow to finish then reboot, the first boot may take some time.

*This has only been tested with

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Credits To DHacker for Bootstrap for Razr ICS!

- Credits

Google - For the Android we play with.
Motorola - For fantastic hardware!
Nitroglycerin33 - for a few tips when I was stuck!!!

- Download

MD5: 3becd4626eacbca09009ea0e56653d68

Moto-Razr-ICS-6.14.75-Deodexer -

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I personally tested and confirmed you would have to do a full restore!

- Support Me

Though I don't require it by any means... its always nice! So if you'd like buy me a beer! --->

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