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D2G connectivity issues on GSM: RadioComm...

hgrimberg 30 Jun 2011

I am using the Droid 2 Global outside the US with a foreign sim card. As it was reported many times, the reception is really bad when the phone is in GSM/WCDMA mode outside the US with a foreign sim card. I made the comparison with a Milestone 2 in Argentina, and when I have only 1 signal bar on my D2G, the Milestone 2 has 3 bars.
Is there a way or does somebody knows which parameters to change using the RadioComm program to boost the signal strength on the Droid 2 Global when it is on GSM/WCDMA mode?
When I switch to GSM only the reception is ok, but as soon as I switch to GSM/WCDMA, it drops a few bars and it is really not consistent.

bhojo1 07 Sep 2011

try the leaked gingerbread rom... the radio has several gsm fixes.