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Help - .595 rooted to .605 rooted? Tell me if I have this right

#1   bluremi

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01 December 2011 - 07:42 AM

Hi guys, I'm running Rubix's ROM on .595 with CWM Recovery and want to switch to the Vortex rom on .605. Please tell me if I'm missing anything in my steps below:

1) Follow instructions at ~/droid-x-how-tos/6233-how-sbf-droid-x-2-3-320-340-a.html to SBF to 2.3.340 using the .340 FULL zip.
2) Accept the OTA update to get up to .605.
3) Follow instructions on psouza4 dot com to root the OTA .605
4) Now I should have rooted .605 with CWM Recovery. Take a nandroid backup.
5) Install the Vortex ROM.

Am I about to brick my phone due to forgetting something here?

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#2   OldBaldy


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01 December 2011 - 08:42 AM

You'll need Droid2 bootstrap to get into clockwork initially after rooting. It will be removed during the vortex install. If you ever want to restore your original nandroid, you'll have to reinstall it for that as the new recovery won't restore the older version backups.
Vortex is probably the best blur ROM out there at this time.

Sent from my DROIDX w/Vortex RC1